About Us

Owner Julie Maclean began her career in fashion working as a textile designer in London in the mid-90s, before returning home to New Zealand to start the clothing line Rubicon in collaboration with fashion designer Celia Stephenson. Mixing engineered prints with clean silhouettes, the label soon found a following and later went on to show at Australian Fashion Week. In 2000 Julie moved to New York City. Working again as a textile designer, she supplied designs to European and American markets, including clients such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Oscar De La Renta and DKNY. At the print studio The Colorfield, Julie worked as creative director before leaving to focus on family and starting her own business.

Wanting to bring environmental and social integrity into the core of her design process, it became important for Julie to see her textile designs through to finished product. As a result, all Goodship bags are locally-made where they are hand-printed and sewn in small quantities so that each step of the production process is monitored.

Inspired by an eclectic range of vintage patterns, Julie works using a variety of hand-drawn and hand-cut techniques.